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Porch Pod

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This all-new design secures your deliveries from theft, weather, and damage by enclosing it in an attractive container that will fit in with any porch decor! The new design has a shell constructed of high-density UV-safe plastic - the same sort of plastic that's used to make high-end coolers and play ground equipment - that is both aesthetically pleasing and ultra durable.  All electronic components are contained within the lid, keeping them safe from weather and damage.  

The latest generation of The Porch Pod includes a HD Camera to provide video of both visitors and deliveries!  Camera is placed in the lid of your Porch Pod and provides general surveillance footage of the area around your Porch Pod as well as video confirmation of package deliveries or pickups.  

This new design is large enough to handle almost any package at 20" tall, 18" deep, and 33" wide and features the same bar code scanning technology as the delivery companies use.  When a tracking code is scanned into your Porch Pod, we validate it using our proprietary algorithm. If it's a legitimate delivery, our software tells your unit to unlock - all within 5 seconds.  

Here's how it's powered:   The Porch Pod is powered by plugging in a power supply into your home's outlet (the power supply is similar to a phone charger).  The power supply has a 3 foot cord, but this can be extended using an ordinary extension cord. 

If you don't have a power outlet nearby, The Porch Pod can be powered using our optional rechargeable Solar Battery Pack that provides endless worry free power.

Here's how it's secured: There are three ways to secure your Porch Pod to your home.  First, The Porch Pod ships with a metal loop through which you can attach a bike lock, chain, or similar item.  Second, the safe has a ballast area in the base, which allows you to weigh your unit down by using bagged sand, rocks, or any other heavy material. Once complete your unit can weigh over 200 lbs, making it highly unlikely to be stolen.  Lastly, if you want even more security, you always have the option to drill through the floor and anchor it directly to your porch with your own hardware.

About our custom veneer option: 

The Porch Pod is available with a custom veneer, which allows you to customize your Porch Pod to fit in with your home's décor. 



About our Solar Battery Pack option:

With this 16,000 mAh solar battery pack, this solar battery pack will provide endless power to your Porch Pod on just a few hours of sunlight each day.  The Solar Battery Pack option features a 3 foot extension cable to allow it to be placed in direct sunlight.  

No Sun?  No problem!  A household charger is included to ensure that you'll still be able to use your Porch Pod - even in those long winter months!