Setup Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your Porch Pod brand package safe!  We hope it gives you piece of mind for years to come. 

Let's walk you through the setup of your new package safe.

Step 1: Initial Box Unboxing and Placement

  1. First, let's un-box the unit.  Your unit will be shipped locked.
    • Inside the box your Porch Pod came in, locate the power supply (usually a white box)
2. Next, put your unit in your desired location.
      • The location should be visible to delivery drivers, preferably on your front porch.
      • The location of the Porch Pod must be flat to prevent binding of the lock.  Also, take care to face the Porch Pod away from the sun, as direct sunlight can occasionally interfere with the bar code scanner.
    3. Get your Box ID for your unit.  You'll find this both on a sticker on your unit and on the box it was shipped in. Remember this location and ID, or Record this ID for later.
    4. Plug in your Porch Pod by plugging in the power supply an outlet and connecting the power cord to the power cord on the rear of your Porch Pod.
    5. Once powered on, your Porch Pod will go through it's start up sequence. 
      • The bar code scanner may flash and beep multiple times - this is normal and should stop after 1-2 minutes.  

      Step 2: WiFi Configuration

      1. The following steps will connect your Porch Pod to your home's WiFi.  This is accomplished by scanning a code that contains your WiFi credentials. 
      2. Visit from any device (smart phones are okay!).
        • is a trusted, secure site.  Your WiFi credentials are not stored and cannot be used to access your home's internet connection or devices.
      3. Input your WiFi credentials and hit Generate!
      4. Scan the generated QR code by placing in view of your Porch Pod's scanner.  The bar code scanner will beep when the code is read.  
      5. Only scan the WiFi code once - multiple scans may disrupt normal operation.  

      Step 3: PorchPod Account Creation

      1. Set up your account.  An account on our secure owner's site is required to use your unit, but there is never a fee to use it.  
      2. Go to
      3. Click Sign Up
      4. Input your name and other details (make sure you enter your address details and Box ID properly, we use them for validation)
      5. Click Sign Up
      6. Once you've done the steps above, you'll be directed to a screen that shows your digital key. 
        • You'll use this "key" to unlock your Porch Pod.  (and yes, you can use a screenshot of this code)
      7. Scan your "key" to unlock the Porch Pod.  Your Porch Pod should unlock within 2-3 seconds of scanning.
        1. Lastly, secure the Porch Pod to your porch by placing ballast in the base. 
          • We recommend bagged sand or rocks, but essentially any heavy material will work just fine. 
          • If you do use sand or rocks, it's best to use the bagged variety and leave it in the bag.    

        The bar code scanner is set by default to be always on, and cycle on and off in 3 second intervals.  If you'd like to change this to a motion sensitive mode or to keep the white light on all the time, click here for instructions to change scanner operation


        If you have problems with any of the steps above, please reach out to us at - we'll be glad to connect via email, chat, or phone to help you get set up.