Setup Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your Porch Pod brand package safe!  We hope it gives you piece of mind for years to come. 

We'll walk you through the setup of your new package safe in this video:



If you have problems with any of the steps above, please reach out to us at - we'll be glad to connect via email, chat, or phone to help you get set up.


Special instructions for WiFi "mesh" router owners:  The Porch Pod, like many other smart home devices, only operates on the 2.4GHz frequency band.  While most "mesh" style systems support both 5GHz and 2.4GHz operation, many of them group both bands under one name (SSID).  Consult your mesh system's manual or application for more information.  For your convenience, we've provided instructions on specific systems here:

For EERO Brand Mesh Systems: Temporarily disable 5GHz Wifi signal via the Eero App, in app versions 3.9.0 for iOS and 3.5.0 for Android, you can temporarily disable the 5GHz bands by tapping on Settings > Troubleshooting > 'My device won't connect', then tapping on the "Temporarily pause 5GHz" button. This will disable 5GHz for 10 minutes, which can help with setting up some 2.4GHz only devices.  See more information here: