How does Porch Pod work?

Porch Pod combines the security of a steel container with an intelligent, WiFi-connected smart lock.  When setting up your Porch Pod, you'll follow instructions on how to connect it to the internet using your smart phone.  Once connected, a package's tracking code can be scanned by a delivery driver.  Your Porch Pod will upload that tracking code to our servers, where we verify the tracking code and issue an order to your Porch Pod to either open or stay locked.  Once open, the driver will place the package in the Porch Pod and close the lid - securing the package inside.  When you return home, you can unlock the Porch Pod using your smart phone.

How do I set up the Porch Pod?

Setting up Porch Pod is simple and intuitive.  

  1. Power up the Porch Pod using the supplied power supply.  You'll need a household power outlet within 5 feet of where the Porch Pod will be placed permanently.   An optional extension cable is available if your Porch Pod will be placed further away from an outlet.
  2. Use the enclosed instructions and your smart phone to connect the Porch Pod to the internet.  Porch Pod will need a consistent connection to the internet.  
  3. Secure the Porch Pod to your porch using the supplied adhesive, the supplied metal anchors (drilling required), an optional cable lock.  Alternatively, you may choose to weigh your Porch Pod down with sand or heavy weights.  

How is the Porch Pod powered?

Porch Pod get its power from a standard wall outlet.  From the outlet, power is converted to a safe, 12 volt power source with a 10 foot cord length. 

A battery/solar powered version is in the works.

What happens if someone breaks into my Porch Pod?

This is extremely unlikely.  Most law enforcement officers agree - package theft is a crime of opportunity.  If a package isn't easily stolen, thieves will move on.  If the thieves are very brave, they may try to break into the Porch Pod. Luckily, Porch Pod is made of heavy gauge structural steel and it's unlikely they will be successful.

Finally, if thieves are able to break into your Porch Pod, we'll replace your stolen packages for a replacement value of up to $2,000. 

Email help@theporchpod.com to submit a claim.