About Us

At The Porch Pod, we know you rely on the items delivered to your home.  

 I'm Patrick Campbell and I am the Founder and CEO at The Porch Pod.  In 2018, I caught a package thief in the act at my own home.  I scared them away and called my local police department. But, by the time they arrived, the would-be thieves were long gone. The officers thanked me for calling and told me the vehicle I described had been implicated in several other package thefts in the area.  Apparently, the thieves were following delivery trucks into neighborhoods, waiting for them to leave, and then going in and stealing all the packages before home owners had the chance to grab them.  

This experience caused me to look for a package safe that would be easy to use and would allow for multiple deliveries throughout a day.  But, I wasn't able to find a product that met my family's needs.  Luckily, I had the technical skills needed to build my own solution, so I did.  Family and friends loved the idea so much, they encouraged me to offer the product to others: The Porch Pod was born.  

We started in 2019 and sold several early versions of our product to consumers around the country.  Since that time, we've added to our team, evolved our product considerably, and have become a leader in the package security space.  

In early 2020, we were selected to participate in an exclusive technology accelerator - the Future Home Accelerator powered by Techstars.  Our Techstars program was sponsored by BSH, a global home appliance company known in the US for high-end brands like BoschGaggenau, and Thermador.  Together with the Techstars and BSH teams, The Porch Pod experienced a period of rapid iteration and growth, culminating in the launch of the third version of our flagship product, The Porch Pod, which begins delivering to consumers across the US in mid-summer.

In just our first year of business, we went from one man working nights and weekends in his basement to a well-funded technology company employing a half dozen employees and contractors.  

At The Porch Pod, our mission is to empower security and convenience for your home deliveries.  We invite you to join us on our mission by purchasing a Porch Pod brand package safe or emailing us at hello@ThePorchPod.com for further information.