Would You Rather Watch Your Package Being Stolen Or ...?

The internet is full of videos showing package thieves in action. They certainly make engaging, thought-provoking viewing material, and you have to admit it, some of them are just downright hilarious. There is, for instance, that one showing a package thief tripping over his feet several times on a wet, muddy walkway as he makes his way to nab a package then tries to beat a hasty retreat. Classic!

The most notable thing about all these videos, however, is that they were taken by home surveillance cameras. The cameras worked efficiently at catching the thief in action but they are not designed to stop the crime from taking place. Don’t get us wrong – security cameras serve several important functions and having them installed on your property is always a very wise idea.

Benefits of A Home Surveillance System:

  • A professionally installed home surveillance system might make you eligible for a discount so you can save on your homeowners insurance.
  • Cameras act as a deterrent to some unscrupulous persons, especially those who might engage in burglary (breaking and entering).
  • Video footage of a package theft in action may prove to be helpful to the police when you file a report.
  • Most camera systems can be accessed from your tablet or smartphone and viewed anywhere you have internet connectivity.
  • Even the most high-tech of home surveillance systems come with a host of user-friendly features.

The problem is that they tend to have very little effect on package thieves who often take steps to conceal their identity. Most times, too, they just simply seem not to care as they casually walk up to your front door, grab your package and hop back into their getaway vehicle. In less than a minute they, and your package, are gone.

Porch pirates know that the majority of their victims will seek (and get) a refund for their loss but they are also very unlikely to report the theft to the police. They know, too, that only a small number of the cases that do get reported eventually lead to an arrest – even when there is video footage of the crime in action.

So, What Can You Do?

There are several ways to prevent your packages from being stolen, including

  • Requesting that every delivery must be signed for
  • Asking a neighbor to accept the delivery
  • Having the package delivered to your workplace

Let’s face it, however, having your packages delivered to your home is the most convenient option. You can make it the safest option by installing a parcel lockbox right on your porch.  They come in a range of designs, from ones which use an ordinary padlock and key to those which are accessed with a passcode.

There are also smart versions which use the power of the internet to add an extra layer of security to package delivery. Take the Porch Pod, for example, it will scan the tracking code on your package, verify it and then unlock so that the package can be placed securely inside until you come to retrieve it.

So, keep watching those package theft videos online – they are always good for a hearty laugh. Just rest assured that you won’t be posting one of your own if you invest in a smart and secure delivery box for your packages.

About us:

At The Porch Pod, we make the world’s smartest package safes.  The Porch Pod combines the strength of a rugged weather-proof container with the intelligence of a WiFi-enabled smart lock.  If you’re looking for a way to protect your packages from theft, give our product a look – it may be just what you’re looking for!