The Psychology Behind Package Theft

Why do people steal packages, or anything at all, for that matter? If you’ve been a victim of theft, then that question has probably crossed your mind. The fact is that there are many different reasons to explain why some people steal. Understanding their motives might make it easier for you to avoid becoming one of their victims.

Here are some possible explanations for why someone steals.

To support an addiction

Stealing is actually regarded as one of the warning signs of drug abuse or drug addiction. It can also be an indication of other forms of addiction which require a constant supply of money, such as a gambling addiction. The thief often sells the stolen item for far less than it is worth so as to get money to support their addiction as quickly as possible.

Mental illness

Someone who suffers from a rare condition known as kleptomania feels an impulsive and compulsive urge to steal. They have no need for the item nor any money they could get from selling it. They simply experience an uncontrollable urge to take it. Kleptomaniacs are said to get a feeling of euphoria from stealing but tend to have feelings of shame, guilt and remorse afterwards.

For the thrill of it

Some thieves steal as a way to have a good time. Like kleptomaniacs, they also get a rush of intense pleasure from stealing. Unlike kleptomaniacs, however, these persons do not have a mental illness. They can control their actions but to them stealing is simply a fun way to pass the time and they have no regrets for their actions.

It’s easier than working

This is how most victims feel about someone who steals. Many thieves turn to stealing because they think it is easier than working at an honest job for a living. It may also be a case where they are not satisfied with living within their means so they steal in order to afford a more lavish lifestyle.

Peer pressure

This reason for stealing usually applies to teenagers but anyone at any age can give in to peer pressure and steal as a way to fit in with a particular group. They sometimes steal in response to a dare; to appear cool; or for bragging rights. Many persons who steal because of peer pressure know what they are doing is wrong and are often secretly remorseful about it.

Out of necessity

Some thieves will tell you that they stole out of sheer desperation – they were in dire need of the item or the money they could get from selling it. Most persons, especially those who have been victims of theft, find this rationale for stealing the hardest one to accept. Victims would likely point out that there is always another way to satisfy your need than to deprive someone of something that belongs to them.

Whatever the motive that leads someone to steal, their potential victims would be wise to remain alert and take the necessary steps to avoid becoming an actual victim. A move like installing a Porch Pod package safe will keep your deliveries out of sight and out of reach of thieves.

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