Powering the Future: Contactless Delivery

Instacart Contactless Delivery

COVID-19 changed everything - especially deliveries. 

Just 6 months ago, face-to-face hand off of parcels and deliveries would have been seen as a best practice - eliminating the risk of theft, reducing the chance for spoilage of groceries or medication, and providing assurance that the delivery made it to the right person in great condition.  But now, with person to person contact being realized as a primary source of disease spread how can delivery companies adapt?

While much of the future is uncertain, one thing has become very clear: deliveries of goods has seen an exponential rise that's unlikely to subside any time soon.  Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of consumers chose delivery for the first time due to fear of illness.  This marked a huge consumer behavior shift unlike anything we've seen in history and many consumers have adopted home delivery as their new standard - either to decrease the spread of disease or because of the increased convenience these services offer.  

With so many consumers switching to a "delivery first" buying habit, how do eCommerce companies, grocery delivery, and local delivery services adapt?   Most delivery companies have adopted a contactless delivery methodology, ensuring that deliveries are made with social distancing practices in mind and remaining a minimum of 6 feet from the consumer.  The natural result of course, is the decrease in the assurance and customer service once provided by face-to-face delivery and an increasing number of deliveries remaining unsecured on homeowner's porches.  That's a problem we're well positioned to solve; so we have.

Introducing Porch Pod Contactless Delivery: a new service that allows access to consumer's own Porch Pod for making secure, safe deliveries.  This service is ideal for on-demand couriers as well as local delivery services, like pharmacies and local merchants.  Once a delivery service is set up with our private API, they'll be provided secure temporary access to any Porch Pod within our network and can then use the homeowner's own Porch Pod to secure their delivery and provide the same high level of assurance and customer service once afforded by face-to-face delivery.  

To learn more about how to become a part of the Contactless Delivery network, reach out to us at hello@theporchpod.com .