Package Theft: What's It Like to Be a Victim?

No one enjoys being victimized. Being a victim of package theft, however, carries a sting like none other. That’s because the thieves didn’t just take something that belongs to you – they took it brazenly, often in broad daylight and often with utter disregard for any security surveillance systems you have in place.

What’s worse, these unwanted visitors took your package right off your porch – the place where you warmly welcome guests into your home. It is both insulting AND disgusting!

Those aren’t the only things targets of porch pirates are left feeling, though. Here’s a rundown of what it’s like to be a victim of package theft.

You are angry.

You ordered it. It was yours no matter what it was. And, now, you don’t have IT! Yes, anger is definitely one of the emotions a package theft victim feels. You are angry at the thief for taking your stuff, shattering your sense of security, and leaving you with the multiple inconveniences that being robbed brings.

Admittedly, you are also a bit angry at yourself for not taking steps to properly secure your delivery. A strongbox, such as the Porch Pod, would have concealed your packages from the eagle eyes of a porch pirate and thwarted attempts to get at them.

You are annoyed.

Instead of opening your package and enjoying the use of whatever it was you ordered, you are left using your time and energy to:

  • Contact the seller and/or the delivery company to make a report.
  • Ask neighbors whether they saw anything suspicious and possibly asking to see any camera footage they might have caught of the act.
  • File a police report; something it is recommended you always do in cases of theft. Even if the cops aren’t able to get your stuff back, your report helps to bolster their statistics as they plan strategies to combat the scourge of package theft.

You are left grieving.

Having your package stolen is a loss that can impact you emotionally and mentally. While the loss is not of the magnitude of losing a loved one, you still go through the stages of grief. Everyone goes through the stages in their own way. Taking steps to make yourself less susceptible to package theft in the future will help you go through them successfully.

You pay in more ways than one.

According to a 2019 package theft report from C+R Research, persons spent an average of $109 replacing each stolen package and around $191 upgrading their home’s security. Plus, if you decide to make a claim on your homeowners or renters insurance to recoup some of the money, it could lead to an increase in your premiums.

You feel vulnerable.

A feeling of vulnerability comes over you because it is as if your weaknesses have been exposed. You are also left wondering when and in what other ways unscrupulous persons will again help themselves to what belongs to you. You likely will refrain from buying items above a certain value online in the future because you are worried those dastardly package thieves will nab them.

You are exasperated, too.

Repeat victims can be left with a feeling of “Here we go, again.” And, it’s little comfort knowing you are not alone. According to that C + R Research report we mentioned earlier, 44% of 2000 respondents to its survey indicated they experience package theft at least twice. Ouch!

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