Neighbors Play a Role in Your Home Security

Did you know your neighbor is an important part of your home security plan? They may not chase down a package thief like this agile neighbor did (nor would we advise it!), but their very presence acts as a deterrent to would-be robbers.

Here are five ways in which you and your neighbors can work together to boost the safety and security of your homes.

Get to know your neighbors and connect with them

Knowing who lives in the neighborhood makes it easy to spot someone who is out of place. Consider hosting a block party or neighborhood barbecue as a meet and greet opportunity for neighbors. You can connect with your neighbors by joining or starting an online neighborhood forum, such as a WhatsApp chat group. It can be a hub for sharing information and an easy way to notify persons of safety concerns.

Help each other out at vacation time

Newspapers piling up on your porch or a driveway that is not shoveled in the winter can be telltale signs that you are away on vacation. Enlist a neighbor’s help to make it look like someone is home by asking them to collect newspapers, turn on lights at night, or park their car in your driveway every now and then. You can also ask a neighbor to oversee the general upkeep of your yard while you are away. Of course, you should be prepared to return the favor whenever your neighbor is away.

Encourage everyone to invest in home security solutions

Security devices such as surveillance cameras, smart door locks, and a Porch Pod package safe discourage criminals from frequenting the neighborhood. Also, since thieves love the cover of darkness, ensure your yard is well-lit at night, especially at the front. You can use energy-saving motion-sensitive lights to the sides and back. They can instantly alert you to someone prowling around at night.

Get everyone involved in the upkeep of the neighborhood

Overgrown trees and shrubs provide cover for porch pirates and burglars. Trim any overgrown plants on your property and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Unhindered visibility of each house from the houses around it increases the neighborhood’s level of security and makes it less likely to be a target of thieves. Apart from improving visibility, it will boost the curb appeal of each house and prevent the neighborhood from looking unkempt. 

Start a Neighborhood Watch program

Reach out to your local police department or visit the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) website for information on how to start a Neighborhood Watch. A Neighborhood Watch program is a great way for the neighborhood to develop a close relationship with the police – something criminals will be aware of, making them more inclined to stay away. Be sure to also check out the NCPC’s resource page for loads of neighborhood safety information you can use and share.

No man is an island, it’s true. We need each other to get by and nowhere is that truer than in our neighborhoods. Hopefully, you and your neighbor won’t have to go as far as kidney donation like this 84-year-old admirably did. Helping to ensure each other’s safety and security is plenty good enough.

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