Here's What (Likely) Happens to Your Stolen Package

You probably already know the main objective of a porch pirate: to steal something valuable then sell it for as much money as they can get. It’s what anyone who engages in property theft is focused on doing. But what exactly do package thieves do with the items they swipe from your front porch? Knowing the answer to that question is an important first step if you plan on trying to get your stuff back.

Here’s a look at what porch pirates are likely to do with their booty.

Pawn Shops

This is traditionally one of the first places a thief will try to offload their haul. It is easier to do in some cities, however, than in others. That is because some police departments have taken to developing a close, watchful relationship with pawnbrokers. Some cities also require that pawnshops report the sources of their inventory. Still, unscrupulous pawnbrokers find ways around these deterrents and will gladly accept what they know to be stolen goods.


Fences may seem old fashioned but they are still a very vibrant part of the stolen goods market. Someone who commits property theft may prefer selling to fences since they tend to have a very sophisticated and practically untraceable means of disposing of stolen items. Many fences conceal the illicit property among legitimate stock in legitimate businesses. Some fences resell items to pawnshops or other fences, while others have taken up selling stolen goods via the internet.

Sell It Themselves

A porch pirate may feel they are able to get a much better price for the stolen items by cutting out the middleman and going directly to the customer themselves. Here are a few of the ways they do that.


Sites like Craigslist, eBay, Cash4Gold, and even Facebook provide a level of anonymity that thieves, including package thieves, like. They can hide behind a fake profile and sell your stuff right from their computer.

On The Street

Some thieves will sell their haul out the trunk of their car to passersby. Others go door to door trying to find a possibly unsuspecting buyer. Other traditional methods thieves use include disposing of stolen goods at flea markets and garage sales. These are easy ways to get rid of stolen stuff since most ordinary folks are always looking for a bargain without asking too many questions as to how the seller acquired the goods.

Trade It for Drugs

This is probably the first thought that comes to the mind of a package theft victim. You figure the thief stole from you to fund their drug addiction and, quite often, you are right. Illicit drug and alcohol use fuels a fair amount of robberies. Not all drug dealers are willing to trade for stolen goods, however, unless it is something very valuable or something they plan to use personally.

Out of Town

Selling items in a different location from where it was stolen increases the likelihood that it will not be recovered and the thief will not get caught. Some thieves will simply try to get a quick sale in a different neighborhood. Others will go the extra mile, so to speak, and take their ill-gotten gains to a different state or even a different country.

If you are hoping to get your stolen items back, keep in mind that according to Statista, only 28.4% of stolen items were recovered in 2018. Your safest move is to prevent your packages from being stolen in the first place. An option like the Porch Pod deters most thieves from even trying to steal your packages. Plus, it is designed to keep out the ones who do decide to try.


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