Are You Susceptible to Package Theft?

Online shopping and home deliveries are on the rise. So, too, is package theft.

If you have not been a victim of package thieves thus far, it may seem like your inevitable turn is just around the corner. But, did you know that some persons are more susceptible to package theft than others?

How vulnerable you are depends on a variety of factors. See how many of the ones on our checklist applies to you.

You live in an area with high package theft rates.

Some cities have higher package theft rates than others, making you inherently more susceptible to package theft simply by living there. A 2018 study conducted by Shorr Packaging ranked America’s 50 largest cities according to incidents of package theft. Do you know which cities made the top 3? If you guessed San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; and Minneapolis, MN, then your right on the money!

No one is home to receive deliveries.

Greeting the delivery person at your door is perhaps the only 100% guaranteed way to beat the package thieves. That just isn’t always possible, however, so you could request that all package deliveries require a signature. That way packages will not be left outside. The hassles with that include setting aside time just to accept a delivery or rescheduling deliveries you missed.

Your deliveries remain outside for long periods.

Even if you are at home when a package arrives, porch pirates might still swoop down and steal your deliveries if you don’t bring them inside straightaway. In fact, how some package thieves operate is by following delivery vans around so they can nab packages between when they are left on your doorstep and when you go outside to retrieve them.

You have multiple packages left unattended.

Package thieves are often looking to make a quick sale from whatever they steal. They are more likely to find something suitable on a porch with several items to choose from. There are multiple videos online of package pilferers rifling through packages as if they are at a rummage sale. They then make off with only the ones they want and leave the rest behind. How considerate of them!

You are away for long periods of time.

If you tend to travel away from home during holidays or you take frequent long vacations, then these are the kinds of things package thieves will notice. Getting someone to house-sit for you or at least drop by on a regular basis will make your home seem less empty and unattended. You can also invest in security features, such as light timers, that make it appear someone is at home.

Your packages are not secured on delivery.

Where you live, whether you are away from home, and not retrieving packages straightaway all won’t matter if you have a way to secure your deliveries. An option like the Porch Pod holds your deliveries out of sight in a weighted lock box that only you and the delivery person have access to. It’s a smart box that’s a really smart choice if you are serious about lowering how susceptible you are to package theft.


About us:

At The Porch Pod, we make the world’s smartest package safes.  The Porch Pod combines the strength of a rugged weather-proof container with the intelligence of a WiFi-enabled smart lock.  If you’re looking for a way to protect your packages from theft, give our product a look – it may be just what you’re looking for!