6 Tips for Securing Your Home While Away On Vacation

It’s time for a well-deserved break – to get away from it all, kick back and relax. Wonderful! Except, that in the back of your mind you can’t seem to shake a feeling of unease about leaving your home and property vulnerable to unscrupulous persons – especially when it becomes obvious no one is at home.

Here are 12 ways to set your mind at ease about the safety of your home while you enjoy your vacation.

  1. Don’t let mail or packages pile up

Uncollected mail, newspapers and packages sitting on your doorstep day after day are a sure giveaway that no one’s home. You can place a hold on your mail and newspaper deliveries and arrange for a neighbor, friend or family member to collect any packages which get delivered while you are away. Another good idea is installing a Porch Pod smart package safe. It can hold multiple packages out of sight until your return.

  1. Upgrade your home security system

If you haven’t done so already, install a home security system which will allow you to view live video of your home from wherever you are. Also, consider getting a video doorbell which will allow you to not only see who is at the door but features two-way audio, as well. Some brands will even include facial recognition technology.

  1. Lock up tight

Just before you head off on your much-earned vacation, take a few minutes to double check that all windows and doors are locked. Be sure, too, to lock away valuables and any sensitive documents. Things like jewelry, credit cards, a will, cash, social security cards and any other forms of identification should all be secured before you leave home.

  1. Set some lights on timers

Leaving the lights on continuously while you are away will simply scream “Nobody’s home!” The better option is to have programmable timers on some of your lights so that they switch on and off automatically. While you are at it, you can also set timers on electronics, such as your television and radio to help create the impression that someone is at home. Some timer manufacturers include a random setting specifically to imitate human presence while you are gone for a few days.

  1. Keep up with home maintenance

If your lawn in not mowed or your driveway is piled high with snow, it won’t take a genius to figure out you are gone for a while. Keeping up landscaping, shoveling snow and regular visits from maintenance personnel, such as the pool cleaner, will make it seem like you are still at home going about your normal routines.

  1. Have someone keep an eye on things

This can be anyone you trust – family, friend or neighbor you trust. They can be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary which might be a cause for concern – an open window which you know you closed, for example. You should also give them a key so that they can take a walk about inside the house to ensure everything is OK.

Being on vacation can be a stress-free time if you take steps to keep your home safe and secure your home while you are gone.


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