5 Great Ways to Prevent Package Theft

Being a victim of package theft can leave you feeling wronged and violated. It also puts you in the unwanted position of having to report the theft and go through the possibly costly process of trying to replace it. Furthermore, there is the issue of having to do without whatever you were expecting in your delivery – no matter how urgent it was.

You can avoid all of those scenarios by putting a few simple measures in place.


1. Sign up for delivery notifications

Most delivery services include the option of being notified as to the current location of your package. UPS My Choice is a good example and it comes in both Free and Premium (paid) versions. It lets you keep track of your packages so you know when they are to be delivered. That way, if you will not be home at delivery time, you can arrange to have someone else there to collect your packages for you. 

  1. 2. Change the delivery time or location

There will be times when you simply cannot arrange to have someone at your home to receive a package. In those cases, it may be possible to request that the package be delivered at another time or to another location. Consider having it sent to your workplace or to a neighbor’s house (just be sure to alert your neighbor to expect it!). Also, changing the time or location may require that you pay extra – but would definitely be worth it for the security of your package.

3. Get a mailbox at your local post office or UPS store

If options 1 and 2 can’t work for you, then your next best option is perhaps signing up for a mailbox service. Having a P.O. Box or a UPS mailbox means your package will be delivered to a secure location and held there until you are able to go and pick it up. Keep in mind that the service normally attracts a monthly fee which could be higher if your deliveries are packages instead of simply letters.

4. Sign up for Amazon Key or Amazon Locker

If you are comfortable with having the delivery person enter your home, then you can sign up for Amazon Key. The service allows them onetime access to unlock your door and place the parcel inside. With Amazon Locker, your packages are sent to a secure locker drop off location (if there is one near you) and you have a few days within which to collect them.

5. Buy a Package Safe like The Porch Pod.

Package safes are the smartest option to prevent package theft because they don't require any additional work on your part once you've installed it.  Let's be honest, no one wants to have to go to somewhere to pick up their package at the end of a long day, and you certainly don't want strangers coming into your home to deliver packages.

The Porch Pod allows multiple deliveries to be secured inside the box, so it can accept packages even if you're away on vacation.  Since we use our proprietary algorithm to validate package tracking codes, you don't even have to tell your Porch Pod package safe you're expecting a delivery.  Choose the Porch Pod brand package safe that is right for you here - our products

Package theft is on the rise but using any of the measures we’ve looked at can help to ensure that it does not happen to you.


About us:

At The Porch Pod, we make the world’s smartest package safes.  The Porch Pod combines the strength of a rugged weather-proof container with the intelligence of a WiFi-enabled smart lock.  If you’re looking for a way to protect your packages from theft, give our product a look – it may be just what you’re looking for!