Porch Pirates, meet your match!

The Porch Pod package safe couples the strength of a structural steel container with the intelligence of a WiFi enabled smart lock to keep your packages safe!

The Porch Pod utilizes a package's own tracking code to provide access to any major delivery service and was specifically designed to accept multiple deliveries over time.   

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Don't just watch your packages getting stolen, stop it!

Are you one of the over 23 Million Americans who have had a package stolen?  If so, you're not alone.  In fact, 31% of online shoppers have personally experienced package theft.  

Our smart package safe prevents package theft by using the same tracking technology shippers use.

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A package safe that drivers actually use

Similar solutions fail because they are too cumbersome for delivery drivers to use.

The Porch Pod package safe takes advantage of a behavior drivers are already used to: scanning a tracking code at each step on the delivery.

The Porch Pod is also lightning fast, opening in less than 3 seconds - so it won't slow a driver down.

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Two sizes, both built for multiple deliveries:

Porch Pod package safes comes in two sizes:

- The Porch Pod handles over 90% of commonly shipped package sizes - including multiple shipments of household goods, laptops, or books

- The Porch Pod XL can hold even the largest of packages including desktops, furniture, and pet food bags

A Porch Pod allows you the freedom to work or travel as long as you want without a worry of stolen deliveries

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$1,000 Package Security Guarantee

If your package is stolen from your Porch Pod, we'll replace your order for a value of up to $1000 - plus we'll replace your Porch Pod if it's damaged in the heist!

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How it works and Frequently asked Questions

How does the Porch Pod work?

The Porch Pod secures packages from being stolen by locking them safely in a weather proof, tamper resistant container. 

The container is designed to open using a package's tracking code.  The Porch Pod connects to our servers using your home's WiFi connection.  When a tracking code is scanned, we verify it.  If it is a legitimate delivery to your home, your Porch Pod will unlock to allow the delivery driver to place the package inside.  

Once you arrive home, you can unlock your Porch Pod using your smartphone or tablet.

What's keeping someone from just stealing the Porch Pod?

We intend that you'll secure The Porch Pod package safe using the supplied concrete anchors or cable lock.  You may also choose to weigh down your Porch Pod, depending on your preferences.  

Can't a thief just use another stolen package to open the Porch Pod?

No.  Once a package is marked "delivered" by the carrier, our software prevents someone from using it to open a Porch Pod

Do I have to be expecting a delivery?

No.  You don't have to tell us or your Porch Pod to be on the lookout for a delivery.

How do you work with UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS?

Your Porch Pod package safe can accept packages from any major carrier.

I don't think my delivery driver will use the Porch Pod

We've found great adoption if you have made it clear where you want your packages put.  We include a notice to drivers with each Porch Pod to help you inform them.  As more Porch Pods make their way across the country, we expect this will become a less and less frequent problem.  If you still have problems, email us at hello@theporchpod.com and we'll try to help - we want you to succeed. 

What is your return policy?

We will accept any clean, undamaged Porch Pod or accessory on return for up to 60 days following your retail purchase.  Contact us at hello@theporchpod.com

What is your warranty?

We will repair or replace any malfunctioning Porch Pod at our discretion for no less than 1 year.  Contact us at hello@theporchpod.com

I have an idea of how to improve the Porch Pod or accessory

Love it! Email us details at hello@theporchpod.com

How is the Porch Pod powered?

We use a standard wall outlet to convert your home's power to a safe, 12 volt power source.  The Porch Pod's power supply will reach up to 8 feet away.

If you don't have a standard wall outlet nearby, consider our rechargable battery pack: See all our products

I have another question you haven't answered here

We'd love to hear from you.  

Email us at hello@theporchpod.com