Secure and protect all of your deliveries

The Porch Pod provides security, weather protection, and convenience for all of your home's deliveries.  

✅️ Accepts deliveries from all major carriers

✅ Durable, weatherproof design

✅ Integrated HD Camera

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Delivery safes that delivery people love

The Porch Pod's patent-pending parcel validation technology is lightning fast, so it doesn't slow delivery drivers down.  In fact, our customers report their Porch Pod is used for over 95% of their deliveries.  

Our smart locking system allows any major carrier with a legitimate delivery to scan package tracking bar codes to access the safe and leave deliveries. 

We validate deliveries in real-time using a package's own tracking information to ensure it's at the right place at the right time before unlocking.

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All of your deliveries in one secure, protected location 

Durable, weatherproof design

This all-new design secures your deliveries from theft, weather, and damage by enclosing it in an attractive container that will fit in with any porch decor! The Porch Pod has a shell constructed of high-density UV-safe plastic - the same sort of plastic that's used to make high-end coolers and play ground equipment - that is both aesthetically pleasing and ultra durable.  All electronic components are contained within the lid, keeping them safe from weather an. . .

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Step 1: Set up

Set up is easy with the Porch Pod - you'll be up and running in minutes.  Just unbox, set it on your porch, plug in to your home's power outlet or battery pack, secure it to your porch by filling the ballast area or connecting looping a cable lock through the attachment point, and connect to your home WiFi and create an account.

See detailed instructions here: Setup Instructions

Step 2: Accept Deliveries

Instructions on the Porch Pod guide delivery drivers to scan your package's tracking bar code.  Your Porch Pod uploads the tracking number to our servers, where we verify using a proprietary algorithm.  When we're sure the delivery is legitimate - your Porch Pod will unlock - all in under 5 seconds - with no pre-programming, no cumbersome pin codes.

The Porch Pod can unlock for any legitimate delivery, so it's ideal for multiple deliveries - even if you're away for weeks at a time

Step 3: Collect your deliveries

When you arrive home, unlocking is as simple as scanning a 2D code from your smartphone.

You can also share temporary keys with friends or neighbors, allowing them to retrieve deliveries for you as well. 

How it works and Frequently asked Questions

How does the Porch Pod work?

The Porch Pod secures deliveries by locking them safely in a weather proof, tamper resistant container. 

The container is designed to open using a package's tracking code or a temporary code provided to local delivery drivers through our software.  The Porch Pod connects to our servers using your home's WiFi connection.  When a tracking code is scanned, we verify it.  If it is a legitimate delivery to your home, your Porch Pod will unlock to allow the delivery driver to place the package inside.  

Once you arrive home, you can unlock your Porch Pod using your smartphone or tablet.

What are the dimensions?

The outside dimensions of the Porch Pod are 30" Wide x 18" Deep x 20" Tall. 

This large size will handle over 96% of residential deliveries and has capacity for multiple smaller packages, while not taking up too much space on your porch.

What's keeping someone from just stealing the Porch Pod?

The Porch Pod is secured by filling the base with a ballast material (rocks, sand, etc.) or by connecting a cable lock (not included) through the attachement point on the rear of The Porch Pod.

If that's not enough, you always have the option to anchor your Porch Pod to your porch using concrete or wood anchors (not included)

Can't a someone just use another package to open the Porch Pod?

No.  Once a package is marked "delivered" by the carrier, our software prevents someone from using it to open a Porch Pod

Do I have to be expecting a delivery?

No.  You don't have to tell us or your Porch Pod to be on the lookout for a delivery.

How do you work with UPS, FedEx, Amazon, or USPS?

Your Porch Pod package safe can accept packages from any major carrier and a growing list of on-demand and local delivery services

I don't think my delivery driver will use the Porch Pod

We've found great adoption if you make it clear where you want your deliveries put.  Most customers see adoption rates of over >90% after just a few deliveries. 

On-screen instuctions show drivers how to use the product step by step - and it unlocks in just seconds - so it won't slow them down.  As more Porch Pods make their way across the country, more and more delivery drivers will become used to using Porch Pods.  If you still have problems, email us at and we'll try to help - we want you to succeed. 

How do I get my local delivery service signed up to use the Porch Pod?

We're actively signing up delivery services across the US & Canada - if you'd like to see a particular delivery service be able to make deliveries via The Porch Pod, let us know by emailing

I have an idea of how to improve the Porch Pod or accessory

Great! Email us details at

How is the Porch Pod powered?

The Porch Pod is powered by either by a plug-in power converter or an optional external solar battery pack.  The solar battery pack is sized such that it should never run out of battery power, but if it ever does, you can always charge with the included charger.  

Both power sources include a 3 foot power cord.  

I have another question you haven't answered here

We'd love to hear from you.  

Email us at

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